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Business version

Performance Assessment

ShinyStat Business is the All-In-One tool offering a
complete tracking system to measure your web traffic
and assess your site performance and ROI.

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Main features

All features of the Pro Version
Conversion Analysis
Track Advertising Campaigns
Campaign ROI (Return On Investiment)
SERD™ (site ranking retrieval on search engines)
Visit Paths
Export Reports to many formats
Exit Links

Conversion Analysis

- Which Search Engines are generating more sales?
- Which are the keywords generating the higher number of information requests?
- Which are the affiliated sites resulting in more orders?
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Advertising Campaign Tracking and ROI

- How many sales are your Ad Campaigns generating?
- Which is the most effective Ad Campaign?
- Which is the search term on Google AdWords generating the higher number of customers?
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SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detecting)

- How can you measure your site visibility on the major seach engines?
- Can your site ranking be exactly checked?
- How effective are your actions to get a better site ranking?
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- How is your site performing against your category average?
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