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 Price List

It is possible to upgrade the subscription to a higher ShinyStat version or to a higher number of page views at any time, simply by paying the price difference of the annual costs for the higher version, increased by the cost of the service already utilized. Further information in the guide

Page views per monthPrice Per Year
50.000210,00 Euro
100.000395,00 Euro
200.000630,00 Euro
500.000882,00 Euro
1.000.0001.170,00 Euro
2.500.0001.890,00 Euro
more than 2.500.000 please ask for estimate

Means of Payment

The one-year service subscription - corresponding to a maximum number of page views per month - can be payed by: credit card
  • credit card(*) (Immediate activation of the service)
(*)Safety of the transaction is guaranteed by Banca Sella by conveying the SSL3 ciphered data with a Triple-Des 128-bit algorithm.