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Step 3 - Basic setting: account, counter and multiaccount

User Information

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How can I hange the e-mail address registered to recieve the weekly reports and service information?
How can I modify the URL, the description, the category or the language of the monitored website?

In this section you can modify the following account information: URL, E-mail, Description, Category and Language.


It is possible to modify the site URL by simply entering the new site address in this field.To transfer your ShinyStat subscription to a new site, you need to remove the ShinyStat code from the current site and insert it into the pages of the new site; make sure to also change the URL in this field.

Please, note that you cannot analyse more than one site with a single account.


ShinyStat uses the e-mail address provided in this field to send you messages about your account management, such as the expiration notice or the warning notice for exceeding the maximum number of page views.

Please, make sure to keep this field updated: in case of lost password, you will be required to enter your e-mail address in the page lostaccount in order to receive an e-mail containing your account data.


This site description will be displayed and used to browse the ShinyStat 'Top Sites' section .


To change your site category, you need to fill out a request form by clicking on the available link (see also the User Information page).


From this drop-down menu you can select the language for your reports.

To confirm the changes to the 'User Information' data, enter your password and click 'Change'.

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