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Step 6 - How to read and understand advanced reports (ShinyStat™ Business)

Monetary Conversions - Conversion Rate

 ShinyStat Business

This report provides a graphical overview of the Conversion Rate trend during in the selected time period.
The Conversion Rate is the percentage of monetary conversions with respect to the total number of visits in the selected time period.

In the first summary table, you can find the following data:
  • Number of conversions
  • Visits
  • Conversion rate

  • Time period: by using the drop-down menu you can filter the data for the time period you want to analyze.
  • Advanced calendar: you can select specific time periods other than those available with the drop-down menu "time period", thereby choosing freely the time period to examine. For more info on using the Advanced calendar, click here.
  • Select a Monetary Conversion: by using the drop-down menu you can filter the data for the Monetary Conversion you want to analyze.


On the horizontal axis, the chart shows the days or the months of the represented period and, on the vertical axis, the conversion rate.

It is possible to choose a different graph chart by clicking on the icon corresponding to the graph type (FL means "Flash Chart").
For intervals no longer than 6 months the chart shows a dotted line representing the 7-day mobile average.
For the other intervals, the chart shows only the 7-day mobile average.

Each line of the table shows the following information:
  • Date: it shows the specific day or month in consideration
  • Rate: it shows the monetary conversion rate for the specific time period
Selecting a period longer than 122 days, data are represented on a monthly basis and not per day.
Click on the name of a month to view the daily data.

Conversion List

The last table shows the complete list of all monetary conversions executed during the selected time period. For further information, please click on the following link: Monetary Conversions List

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