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Step 6 - How to read and understand advanced reports (ShinyStat™ Business)

Paths - Advanced options

 ShinyStat Business

The advanced options allow you to customize your path report according to your own needs.
The advanced options are:
- Chart size
- Number of displayed paths
- Path selection
- Search for ID page

Chart size

You can choose the chart size and, therefore, the number of pages to be displayed in the chart simultaneously.

Number of displayed paths

You can select the number of paths to be represented in the chart simultaneously.
When you select 'All', the ShinyStat system will represent as many paths as possible.
Those paths whose frequency is not particularly interesting (i.e. those paths taken through less than 1/500 times than the most popular path) are not usually represented.

Path selection

This option allows you to view one or more paths. You only have to enter the numbers of the pages - separated by a dot '.' - forming the path.
For example, by entering '1' you will be shown only the paths beginning from page 1.
By entering '1.7' you will be shown only the paths that begin from page 1 and whose second page is the n. 7. And so on.
Use the jolly character zero '0' to expand your search: for example if you enter '0.4', you will be shown all the paths whose second page is page n. 4.

Search for ID page

Enter part of a page name to find the number the system assigned to it.
This feature is very useful when your site has a high number of pages.

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