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Step 6 - How to read and understand advanced reports (ShinyStat™ Business)


 ShinyStat Business

Thanks to this feature, the ShinyStat Business user is able to save most of his reports.

Select the data

In the first check list, you can select the data to export and the desired month.

The headings lines and bars refer to the type of graph chart in case you export in PDF or Postscript format.


In the second table, you can choose the export format for the selected data: PDF, Postscript or CSV.
The first two formats allow to print the data with a high image quality.
The CVS format allows you to import the data into electronic sheets (such as Microsoft Excel) where you can process them and choose a particular graphic representation.

Moreover, you can choose the paper size (A4 or A3) and the color setting (grayscale or color).

Once you have setted the parameters, click on the 'Export' button.

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