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Step 3 - Basic setting: account, counter and multiaccount


 ShinyStat Pro  ShinyStat Business

Users with several Pro and Business accounts can improve the readability of their reports by grouping all the accounts in one ShinyStat multi-account.

To create a multi-account, you need to:
-access the 'My account' section management of the main account
-first time users need to click the 'Activate multi-account' option from the menu on the left and follow the procedure. Next time you log back in just click the multi-account icon and then select 'Add account'
Once the multi-account is created, you can skip from one account to another - even while browsing your reports - by clicking this icon

The multi-account can be accessed from any of the accounts it contains. In fact, you cannot assign different privileges to the accounts.

To remove an account from the list, you need to click the icon (Delete) or 'Deactivate multi-account' (menu on the left) if you want to deactivate the current account, ie the account you are browsing in My account section. It is advisable to change the password of the removed account.

Make sure to check the account name before changing the configuration or before following any online procedure, such as renewal, upgrade, etc.

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