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Step 2 - Installation and get the HTML code

Inserting the ShinyStat™ code in Https:// sites

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How can I insert the ShinyStat™ code in sites supporting the https:// protocol?
In order to install the ShinyStat™ code for sites in https://, you need:

1. Insert the ShinyStat™ code in all the pages of your website. In order to so proceed, just do this:
  • Log into your account (
  • click on "Settings" in the left menu
  • click on "HTML Code"
  • click on "Generate Code"
  • copy the generated code and past it without any changes (including line breaks) into all your webpages, at the end of each page (just before the closing tag )
The resulting code must be inserted in all the pages of your website.

2. Insert one of the following meta tag in the head section of the site if you want allow the browser to send referrer information when the visitors of your https:// website click on a link pointing to a http:// website.

Without these meta tags, when the visitor coming from an https:// site enters an http:// site, the referrer is not communicated to the landing site. In this case, the "Referrer" report shows a visit from "Direct request / No referrer".

To make possible the record of the referrer, it is necessary to make a change into origin website (https://), by inserting one of the following meta tag in the head section in all pages:
  • To pass the full referrer and so visualize also the path or the possible query string, you can use the following meta tag:

  • To pass only the domain without path or query string (example: ->, you can use the following meta tag:
For more information about the different available options, please consult the page at the following url:

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